Every cleaner is different. Some only look at what's directly in front of them while others pay attention to details throughout the entire room. Some methodically clean the same way every time never missing a task while others vary their routine daily.


Can you imagine which cleaner gets better results?


This is why exceptional cleaning companies always have proven systems in place that are uniform for all cleaners. So instead of having one cleaner remember to dust, all your cleaners remember to dust. They all use the same non-toxic chemicals approved by your company. They all use the same color coded microfiber system to prevent cross contamination. When janitorial companies train cleaners to follow an efficient uniform system, the work gets done properly and consistently.


I'd like to share some examples of what happens when systems are never put in place, and cleaners are allowed to develop their own methods. Long before I ever thought of starting my own cleaning company, I worked with a man, let's call him "Joe", that had some of the most unorthodox cleaning methods I had ever seen. It might be humorous to look back on now, but it sure wasn't funny at the time:


Before Joe would do carpet extraction, he would take buckets of water and flood the hallways with them. Yes, flood. There would literally be standing water inside the building he was being paid to clean. Of course, he would extract the water he put down, but not before causing damage to the carpet, padding, baseboards, and walls.


Joe was also a fan of using buckets of water to flood his restrooms. He would mist the formica countertops with disinfectant, let dwell, then throw full buckets of water onto the mirrors, over the countertops, and let it run down the floor into the drain. Any water that was left he would squeegee into the drain and walk away. Not only would this waste of water make anyone cringe, he caused permanent damage to the formica which eventually needed to be replaced.


I also worked with another man who used degreaser to clean restrooms. No bowl cleaner, no disinfectant, just strong and stinky industrial degreaser. Who does that? Well, him I suppose, but this is another example of what happens when you show someone the janitors closet and let them clean however they want.


When efficient cleaning systems are put into place customers can be confident their building will look exceptional every day, regardless of who is cleaning, and can rest easy knowing their carpets weren't flooded overnight.




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