Have you ever had a cleaning company submit a bid for your facility that was so low you wondered what was wrong with it? Well, if you decided to choose that company you probably already have a horror story to tell. But for those that didn't, I'd like to explain why abnormally low bids can be bad for business.


They May Not Be Operating Legally


As a business owner or manager, you know that there are costs associated with running a legitimate business such as payroll taxes, insurance, and bonding. If one particular bid comes in significantly lower than others, you can be certain that something's amiss.


They Bid To Get The Job, And "Figure The Time Out Later"


If you've hired a janitorial company that promised quality results yet did absolutely nothing, this is why. Salespeople make big claims but if the actual people cleaning your building find they grossly underbid, guess what happens? They start cutting corners to avoid losing money on the account. Sometimes a lot of corners.


They Rely 100% On Bidding Software


Bidding software can be a great assistant, but it makes a terrible boss. Every bidding program I've ever seen has sorely underbid jobs which may provide an attractive price, but makes it impossible to clean an account with any degree of quality. And you know what that means. Corners start getting cut to keep from losing money. Streamlining the bidding process with technology is fine, as long as a human being makes the real world adjustments necessary to balance quality and price.


They Have No Idea What They're Doing


Even if a company's intentions are good, do you really want someone in your building that has absolutely no idea how to run a business? What else are they careless with? Maybe they use run down equipment that barely gets the job done. Maybe they don't wash their cloths and mops after cleaning an account. Or maybe they come to work in street clothes with no way to identify them.


The worst way to select a cleaning company for your building is to go by price alone. Remember the time tested saying, "you get what you pay for". An accurate bid performed by an experienced cleaning professional, not a salesperson or software program, will offer the greatest value for your company. Every time.




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