A clean building does much more than make a great impression on your clients. Employee morale improves, less sick days are taken, and as a result productivity improves. Our fully customized, non-toxic janitorial services take the burden of providing a professional environment off your shoulders and onto ours. Once a week? Once a month? Bi weekly? The choice is yours.


We offer a wide range of commercial janitorial services in Gresham, Troutdale, Portland, Or, Vancouver, Wa, and based on your individual janitorial needs might include:


• Front door glass

• Dust blinds, clean windows, wipe down ledges

• Dusting of horizontal surfaces; ledges, shelves, door frames, picture frames

• Dusting of corners, vents, baseboards, sides of desks, chair legs, table legs

• Dust and polish desks, clean computer monitors, monitor bases

• Clean and sanitize light switches, door knobs, phone receivers/cradles, computer mouse

• Spot clean doors and walls

• Clean glass in tables if any

• Empty trash and replace liners

• Wipe down trash receptacles

• Wipe down baseboards

• Clean and mop any tile, hard floor surfaces

• Vacuum carpet, edge carpet, vacuum behind doors, pick up staples (excessive staples available as add-on service)

• Vacuum lint from upholstery

• Vacuum floor mats




• Dusting of horizontal surfaces, vents, tops of partitions, high and low corners, baseboards

• Swab toilets and urinals

• Scrub toilets and urinals to remove hard water stains when needed

• Wipe down/disinfect toilets and urinals including handles, chrome, under bowl, sides, flanges, and behind

• Wipe down/disinfect partitions and walls

• Spot clean doors and walls

• Clean and sanitize light switches, door knobs, and other touch points

• Scrub, wipe, and disinfect sinks. Remove stains around faucet base, drain, and where needed

• Clean mirrors

• Polish chrome and brass

• Replenish paper products, seat covers, soap dispensers

• Empty trash

• Wipe down trash receptacles

• Clean and mop floor with disinfectant floor cleaner


Employee Lounge


• Dust horizontal surfaces, refrigerator, microwave

• Dust high and low corners, baseboards, vents

• Wipe down lunch table(s) and counter(s)

• Spot clean doors and walls

• Clean and polish sinks

• Clean and sanitize light switches, door knobs, touch points, phone receivers/cradles

• Wipe down exterior of cupboards


Add-on services commonly include interior refrigerator cleaning, interior microwave cleaning, window cleaning, significant staples in carpet, deep cleaning. Our accurate bids cover these tasks, and the inclusion and frequency of tasks are all factors in the final bid.


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